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The Worldwide Clean Up Project

As you all know climate change has been a topic of wide concern for quite some time. Scientists and advocates are now fearing the worst as decades fly by and we now know how serious the consequences are. Animals that weren’t extinct before are now in the process of becoming extinct. Natural disasters are now becoming more frequent and marine sea life is now becoming more sea than life to say the least.

We must initiate action before change and that all starts with awareness. If we inform the population in a way that will drive action we’ve succeeded in our mission to stop climate change and that’s what our mock project aims to do. The worldwide cleanup project is a non-profit organization aimed at changing how people perceive climate change by highlighting the dangers if our negligent actions remain the same. TWCUP also organizes social and volunteering events to further spread the cause of stopping the effects of climate change.

Myself and Chris feel very passionate about this project /organization. We hope that someday we can make this idea an actual reality. We also hope this can help sprout a world where worldwide change in not just how we handle changes in our mother earth can bloom.





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